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On 01.07. 2023, the office of the candidate for President of the Czech Republic, Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya sent a letter to the office of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:

01. 07. 2023

Dear President Putin,

I am writing to you on behalf of Mr. Lumir Láska, Buddha Maitreya, a candidate in the election for the presidency of the Czech Republic in 2023, on behalf of a fully Awakened Being, possessing the Absolute Knowledge of the Buddha, on the level of our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ and the Noble Buddha Shakyamuni called Gautama, whose teachings and wisdom combine the Christian and Buddhist perspectives and convey to all beings the knowledge of the working of the Divine Laws (Karma). This KNOWLEDGE, which is Universal Knowledge, thus naturally offers a universal answer for the possible alleviation of psychological suffering in the world.

For these reasons, and also because we perceive your good will to bring Light into international relations, we appeal to you, in this difficult situation the world currently finds itself in, to consider and give thought to whether this KNOWLEDGE could help ALL currently incarnated beings here on Planet Mother Earth to lessen the degree of their tendency to aggression, their tendency to achieve their goals through military pressure and violence, i.e. tendencieswhich they are subject to precisely because of the absence of this KNOWLEDGE. All this would come at minimal cost through the simple use of globally available information technology. The real consequence of the absence of this KNOWLEDGE is the absence of the spiritual evolutionary development of beings, and the consequence of this stagnation is continued unrest and the tendency to stir up unrest.As Our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ says, "Man shall not live by bread alone."

As a spiritual authority who is aware of this context, Mr. Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya, has the responsibility to reach out to you as a world leader for the purpose of uplifting the evolutionary spiritual development of ALL beings on Planet Mother Earth through this Knowledge. For these reasons, we appeal to you to consider whether, in addition to strategic planning and strategic cooperation, it is not appropriate to begin to actually participate in the alleviation of the subjective suffering of beings through the dissemination of true spiritual enlightenment, i.e., the universal sharing of the Truth that knowledge of the Buddhas is essential for further evolutionary development in terms of raising the moral, social and spiritual level of society. It is necessary to make it known that peace and tranquility will not prevail in the world without conscious efforts to raise the spiritual level of the global society. This is the same message that Our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ teaches and the same message that the teachings of the historical Buddha convey to us. As a consequence of the absence of higher spiritual truths, Ignorance (the absence of this Knowledge) is present in the subjectivity of beings, i.e. the cause that makes individuals, nations, international organisations etc. repeatedly succumb to and be confronted by their own biases, i.e. fall prey to their own subjective ideas and to the influences of the programs of "injustice" (cause) and "revenge" (effect), and in this literally POWERLESS MINDSET of a"state of war" they repeatedly succumb to the idea of "exchange" in the sense of "retaliation – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". This Mindset of the "war" program actually suits society as the "norm"; and then beings act according to their level of understanding, and there is no end to this conduct without real spiritual enlightenment.

In this karmic pattern that is received and subsequently transmitted, in this informational program setting, such beings are preoccupied with their own idea of the "competition" program, i.e. the idea of the "war" program. This is an Enormous Mental Burden. The release from this Enormous Mental Burden is found in KNOWING, for only KNOWLEDGE will bring peace and tranquility to EVERYONE.

Mr. Putin, you yourself can, through this KNOWLEDGE, gain a true and profound understanding (compassion) for other beings and with it a deep insight into the situation of each and every being and therefore into the precise reasons whysuch a being, in its current evolutionary state, is acting as it is, while also realising that, without access to the KNOWLEDGE, the being basically has no other choice.

Mr. Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya, clearly explains the way out of this suffering, thus opening the possibility for all beings, without distinction, to experience peace on Earth and conveying to us the simple Truth that actual conflict, and by extension"war", arises in each being individually:

The quality of life in society and in the world directly reflects the inner spiritual level of individuals. From the point of view of one's own subjective level of experience, there is a great difference between beings who see this life as "the only one" (and, accordingly, also wish to "enjoy it as much as possible" and to "grab and wring" all they can out of it), naturally harming themselves and others in so doing, because such beings, by their attitude, cause pain not only to their fellow beings, but especially to themselves... ) and beings who know that this life is mainly about gaining experiences with which they continue into further incarnations in order to gain further experiences . . in order to ease the tensions in society and in the world.The next step in the evolutionary development of humanity (which pursues the goal of a better experience of reality in terms of a kinder attitude in interpersonal relationships) is therefore the universal sharing of the basic Knowledge of the Buddha, i.e. the Truth of the repetition of the reincarnation cycle.

Every rebirth contains within it re-disease, re-ageing and re-death, re-connection with what is dear to us and re-separation from it, re-connection with what is not dear to us and re-separation from it.

If it is clear in advance at the moment of re-birth "A"that it will be followed by re-death "Z", it is impossible to view re-disease, re-ageing, re-death, or anything in this idea of "the interim" as anything but a"mistake" or "failure".

Anyone who has been taught this Truth ... and has understood this Truth ... (i.e. cause) does not view the moment of the loss of this body as a "mistake"or"failure" (i.e. effect). He who does not view the moment of the loss of this body as a "mistake" or "failure" (cause) is not subject to Ignorance (effect). He who is not subject to Ignorance (cause) is not subject to Greed (effect). He who is not subject to Greed (cause) is not subject to Envy and Jealousy (effects). He who is not subject to Envy and Jealousy (causes) is not subject to Resentment (effect). He who is not subject to Resentment (cause) is not subject to Hatred (effect). He who is not subject to Hatred (cause) has realised Unconditionality towards himself, has realised Unconditionality towards all other beings (effect). He who has realised Unconditionality towards himself and towards all other beings (cause), has Freed his HEART from Hatred (effect). He who has Freed his HEART from Hatred (cause) is Independently Happy (effect). He who is Independently Happy (cause) Does Not Compensate for the loss of this body by again gaininga body he will be deprived of again... (effect).

The only possible successavailable to beings is Sincere Effort directed towards the cessation of his own Ignorance, i.e. seeing through and purging the worldly ideas of "success" and "failure", i.e. his Liberation from the bonds of the Duality of "good" and "evil", i.e. the cessation of suffering.

May All Beings Be Happy!

With love and respect,

Lumír Láska 💜 Buddha Maitreya

With an understanding of this KNOWLEDGE, this Truth about the true nature of reality, and therefore the true nature of society and the world, and with the technologies currently available, it is truly possible to bring about World Peace.

You, Mr. Putin, have already caused yourself to have the opportunity to lead the greatest spiritual state of this world (= universal non-random dependent "cause-effect" emergence = Divine Law and Karma); you, Mr. Putin, who have just received this KNOWLEDGE, now have the opportunity and the chance to answer this Call and to uplift the spiritual evolution of World Society:for that reason, Mr. Putin, please consider sharing this Absolute Knowledge.



Every being who is subject to Ignorance (this being the absence of the Knowledge of the Buddhas) is subject to the tendencies of Envy and Jealousy. Any being who is subject to the tendencies of Envy and Jealousy is subject to the tendencies of Greed. Any being who is subject to the tendencies of Greed is subject to the inclinations of Hatred, which he harbours in his HEART precisely because of his own subjective Ignorance (that is KARMA). Any being who harbours Hatred in his HEART is subject to tendencies to start, conduct and maintain conflicts, be these family, neighbourhood or national or international conflicts. It is clear from the above that in order to bring about World Peace, a comprehensible interpretation of the Knowledge of the Buddhas is needed. This Knowledge is available now, in this Golden Age, to every being without distinction.

With love and respect, Lumír Láska 💜 Buddha Maitreya

The Office of the Spiritual Authority Mr. Lumír Láska – Buddha Maitreya addressed and sent this CALL FOR WORLD PEACEto ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD; it contacted SIPRI, an independent international institute dealing with research on conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament;it contacted the BRICS countries, the grouping of emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; it contacted the UN and Amnesty International, and various independent representatives of the world's greatest thinkers. This Call is thus already being communicated internationally.

This CALL FOR WORLD PEACE was part of the manifesto of Mr. Lumír Lásla, Buddha Maitreya, in the election for the presidency of the Czech Republic, and is thus part of the Peace Programme of Mr. Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya, the Supreme Spiritual Authority of the present world.

Proposal for considering sharing this KNOWLEDGEadditionally to all other representatives of the world's governments and independent representatives of the global intelligentsia.

Mr. Putin, we come in mutual respect for the purpose of truly honest and truthful communication for you, andfor ALL beings willing to understand this Reality. We offer the opportunity to meet and communicate with your country's top spiritual leaders and philosophers. If you connect us with someone who speaks fluent German or Czech, we are able to pass on this Knowledge so that we can work together to participate in the transformation of Global Society in order to reduce aggression, raise its social level, and raise it to the higher evolutionary and spiritual stage of development, just as Christ urged and the historical Buddha taught.

The Heart of Dharma Sangha community was formedaround the Awakened and Esteemed Mr. Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya, in the territory of Czechoslovakia. It is worth mentioning that one of the Sangha's member is Ms. Jana Tolstaya-Benetková, the great-great-granddaughter of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, who has been in possession of the Knowledge of the Buddhas for several years and is thus living proof that the Knowledge of the Buddhas unites nations. The Heart of Dharma Sangha makes it possible for EVERY single being to become part of this international and universal peace movement that is pursuing Worldwide Awakening in order to establish Paradise on Mother Earth.

For further cooperation with Mr. Lumir Láska, Buddha Maitreya, you can contact me as follows:



The Office of the Spiritual Authority Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya, looks forward to further cooperation with you.

With LOVE and RESPECT and with the BLESSINGS of all the BUDDHAS

Alena Loučková

Representative of the Heart of Dharma Sangha

THANK YOU for your precious time and attention

Mr. Lumír Láska wrote his message and bequest for all beings without distinction in the book entitled MAITREYA BUDDHA SUTRA, OR EMPTINESS... MOTHER OF THE HEIRS TO IMMORTALITY.: link: MAITREYA BUDDHA SUTRA Lumír Láska Kamenný Vesmír:

His book has been translated into English; link:

Maitreya Buddha Sutra or Emptiness... Mother of The Heirs to Immortality, Lumír Láska, Buddha Maitreya:

and into German; link:

Maitreya Buddha Sutra oder die Leere... die Mutter der Erben der Unsterblichkeit, Lumír Láska Buddha Maitreya:

We have also translated the Sutra into Russian and it is currently ready for distribution.

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